Friday, April 10, 2015

Lesser Known Emerging Programming Languages


The Ceylon Project is a high-level, statically and strong-typed programming language and SDK, created by Red Hat. It is based on the Java programming language. Ceylon programs run on the Java Virtual Machine and JavaScript Virtual Machines.

11 Best Cities In The World To Land An IT Job

11. Omaha, NE

Why Omaha? Demand for developers is high. Mobile computing skills, open source technologies, project managers and business analysts are being pursued in Omaha as well.

Healthcare IT, technology (software and cloud) and manufacturing are the top industries looking for employees here. Home to five Fortune 500 companies, Omaha has a low unemployment rate and a wide range of opportunity, due in part to a diverse economy spread across many industries. From a regulation perspective, Omaha affords a pro-business climate and a conservative culture, which have helped keep the city protected from economic downturn.

Skills in Demand:

- Software Developers
- Java & .NET Developers
- Business Analysts
- Help Desk

10 Super Useful Debugging Tools For Java Developers

1. Artima SuiteRunner

Artima SuiteRunner is a free open source testing toolkit for Java released under the Open Software License. You can use this tool with JUnit to run existing JUnit test suites, or standalone to create unit and conformance tests for Java APIs. The three main advantages Artima SuiteRunner offers to JUnit users are reporters, runpaths, and recipe files. Existing JUnit users can use SuiteRunner to run their JUnit tests, which allows them to gain the benefits of reporters, runpaths, and recipe files while continuing to use their JUnit test cases.

15 Apps That Help in Android Programming

Multiple Language Programming: These are IDEs, source code editors etc. that can support more than one language. Some of these apps are capable of supporting over 40 languages alone, while others are suited for lesser, yet multiple languages. Dueter for example is an IDE that supports over 40 languages. On the other hand, Droid Edit is a source code editor that can handle coding in C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python and SQL.

1. DeuterIDE

2. Droid Edit

3. Code Peeker

4. Syntax Highlighted Code Editor

5. Java Code Viewer

Java/Android Programming: These apps hold support only for Java and Android programming. They are IDEs, editors and cheatsheets that can be employed by developers working in this arena. AIDE is one of the best in this segment. It is an app that lets you code directly on your Android device instead of having to use a computer. In addition, it is fully compatible with Eclipse, which allows you to transfer other projects from your computer to the app very easily.


7. JavaIDEdroid

8. Terminal IDE

9. Android Java Editor

10. Java Quick Reference Cards

C/C++ and C# Programming: These apps are compatible only with the C family of programming languages. They are compilers, IDEs and reference material apps that help a developer working with C, C++ or C#.

11. C4droid

12. C/C++ Compiler

13.C# to Go

14. C++ Programming Reference Free

15. C Programming Reference Free 

Free eBooks On Software Design, Testing

1. Gradle Beyond the Basics
by Tim Berglund - O'Reilly Media , 2013 The book explains the concepts of Gradle that helps you build and test the softwares written in Java and many other languages. The book provides numerous code examples to use with Gradle, the open source project automation tool that's getting a lot of attention. 

2. CMMI Implementation Guide
by Vishnuvarthanan Moorthy - Smashwords , 2013
This CMMI Implementation Guide is a reference for anyone fascinated for implementing CMMI in their organization. The aim of this book is, to supply insight in to CMMI Implementation phases and best practices to be followed during this journey.

Books On Computer Network Security

1. The Code Book: The Science of Secrecy from Ancient Egypt to Quantum Cryptography [Kindle Edition]

Written by Simon Singh, this book illustrates about encryption in detail, explaining secret coding and its impacts. There are some historical references too, in relation to secret coding.

2. Hacking Exposed- 5th Edition

In this genre it is quite an established book which is in its fifth edition now. Millions of copies of this book have already been sold across the globe. It has been a best-selling computer security book which is very useful for computer networks.