Sunday, April 5, 2015


By now you must have known that most zip files online are broken, when I mean broken I mean really broken or damaged as most of you would say and at times broken files makes me “seriously” sick.

Some days back, I was downloading a 2gigerbyt movie in “zip format” and after the download, I tried to unzip the movie with winrar so I can watch it on my favorite video player but I got a message saying that the zip file is broken. Wow! How frustrating can that be? I just can’t let my 2gig movie be wasted in such manner so I searched outside and online for different solutions with my “best friend” Google, at last the search ended but with no powerful solution. After the frustrated search a friend showed me the trick on how to repair the zip file and it worked perfectly. Yes! It worked like wonders i mean magic.

I just can’t keep this to myself alone because I know many people out there are facing the same situation that I tasted. So if you are going through this problem, here is a great solution for you. Let’s put the show on the road shall we!

Ok guys! Do you want to know how this works? Please read carefully and digest this simple tip. It is as simple as you would think about it. Now here we go…
1. Open your WinRAR application and click on File and then Open Archive and navigate to the damaged/ broken .rar file.
2. On your keyboard Press Alt+R. (This shortcut will bring up the WinRAR repair dialog screen). Are you following me or are you confuse? If you’re not confused let’s proceed with the remaining steps
3. Once the repair dialog box appears, choose an easy to find location in the Folder to put the repaired ‘archive’.
4. Check the box that says; Treat the corrupt archive as RAR.
Have you done all what I have prescribed?  Ok! If you have done the above without any mistake or confused, let’s proceed…
5. Now press the OK button.
Wait till it repairs, once the repair is finished, a new archive for your fill will be built and placed in the location you choose earlier on “step 3”
Now you have successfully repaired your rar/ zip archive. You can now extract the file and do whatever you want to do with it.

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